I have been a list serve fan for several years now, thanks to Joy Zabala and her good work at QIAT.  I feel like I’ve got a whole world of experts at the click of an email send button.  But often all that good insight and discussion gets lost in the archives, and I’ve longed for a ‘better way.’  I keep thinking a wiki or two might do it — a collaboratively written site all about assistive technology.  But somehow people have to want to come and then know what’s new or what to add and so on.  It’s a bit overwhelming, and I think some people hold back because their query may feel too insignificant or unformulated, etc.  So how to bridge the gap? 
Well, whether Ning is it or not, it definitely has me intrigued! Karen Janowski keyed me into Ning via the social networking site she and Brian Wojcik created at http://assistivetech.ning.com/
What I’ve ‘grocked’ so far is that Ning lets you create social networks with blogs, discussions, groups, tags, photos, videos and more, so you can pop your question or idea wherever it may fit.  I’ve got lots more to learn, but it’s exciting stuff… Can’t wait to see where this goes!


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