Biology of Plants

Biology of Plants provides students with a clear, accurate introduction to plants as living things, plant growth, plant parts, making food, pollination, seed dispersal and adaptations.

The Learning Toolbox

The Learning Toolbox, from James Madison University’s special education program, provides tools, strategies and resources to help students with learning difficulties become better learners. When you arrive on the site, you can choose “I am a Student,” “I am a Teacher,” or “I am a Parent,” which takes you to …

ATMac – Assistive Technology for Mac OS X Users

ATMac is a blog that offers news, reviews and opinions on assistive technology for Mac OS X, by Ricky Buchanan who is himself an avid Mac and AT user.  Organized by type of user, for example “text-to-speech users,” or “deaf users,” or “primary switch users,” and by audience (“content producers,” …

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts is a collection of about 14,000 “classic” public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy. Search, or browse by title or author.

More Podcasting Links

Create Your Own Podcast – A step-by-step tutorial on podcasting from Educational Podcasting – Extensive list of podcasting resources, from Gary Stager. Links to tutorials, articles and tools. PoducateMe – Practical Solutions for Podcasting in Education Gcast – Create your own audio broadcast online, where you can easily record …

Podcasting Workshop – Resources

I’m leading a workshop on Podcasting in the Classroom, and have started to gather some tips and resources on my wiki.  Stop by to check out the presentation as well as my podcasting links.

Artcyclopedia – Fine Art Search Engine

Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine – Search or browse by artist, work or museum. 8,700 artists, 2,600 art sites, over 100,000 links! Also, Art News, masterpieces and more. This seems like a great resource for students of all ages.

Get Started with Podcasting

In preparing for a podcasting workshop this week, I’ve been collecting new podcasting tutorials.  Some helpful finds: How to Podcast: Four Basic Steps – Plan, produce, publish, promote… How to Podcast – from Podcasting Tools Howstuffworks “How to Create Your Own Podcast” Make Your First Podcast How to Create Your …