Paul Hamilton’s Excellent Free Resources List

Over the years, Paul Hamilton has amassed an amazing collection of Free Resources from the Net for (Special) Education that you won’t want to miss! Well organized and very comprehensive, it includes a collection of online and downloadable resources that support curriculum and productivity tools, as well as UDL references.

Nurturing an Inclusive Learning Culture through Universal Design for Learning

What does it really mean to use a UDL lens? This series by Kathy McClaskey explores how Universal Design for Learning (UDL)can strengthen teaching and reinforce a culture where every learner feels that they are valued, belong, and are learning. Part One: Understanding the Pedagogy of a Learning Science to …

We Can Play!

We Can Play: A guide to Inclusive and Accessible Play is an old (2003) project I worked on with Alice Wershing for the Alliance for Technology Access, based on our years of running accessible play groups at the Center for Accessible Technology in Berkeley, California. It contains 20 one-page activity …

Rethinking ADHD

In this provocative article, author Susie Garlick notes, “ADHD children are not horrible, undisciplined or unruly children, we have just created a world that no longer allows them to fit inside the box…All children need rules, routines and expectations to feel safe and secure, but we must stop setting them up for failure and begin helping them succeed.”

Nurturing Students with Special Needs in Nature

What is a reading forest and how might it benefit children with disabilities? Read all about it in this article from the Guardian: Our children with SEN benefit from how the outdoors relieves stress and anxiety, develops social skills, motivates learning across the curriculum (and beyond) and allows them to …