Rethinking ADHD

In this provocative article, author Susie Garlick notes, “ADHD children are not horrible, undisciplined or unruly children, we have just created a world that no longer allows them to fit inside the box…All children need rules, routines and expectations to feel safe and secure, but we must stop setting them up for failure and begin helping them succeed.”

Risk in Play and Learning: Ubud-Höör Declaration

Risk-taking is Essential for Children’s Well-being  This declaration cites research from around the world on the benefits of risk-taking for children. While promoting risk-taking on school grounds may raise questions of liability for schools and concerns for parents it is essential for the development of healthy young people, according to …

Urban Schools and Outdoor Learning

Great article from The Guardian on Five easy ways urban schools can experiment with outdoor learning. Just go outside – ask, can we do this outside? Small is okay – even a small outdoor space can have container gardens, bucket ponds, logs or bug houses. Bring nature indoors – plant seeds, catch …

Biology of Plants

Biology of Plants provides students with a clear, accurate introduction to plants as living things, plant growth, plant parts, making food, pollination, seed dispersal and adaptations.