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I can provide any of the follow workshops (or similar themes) for making the most effective use of technology in educational settings. I focus on project-based, inclusive learning activities, using readily available and affordable tools along with the best of universally designed tools and software. Many of these workshops include online resources, shown as links.

Best Web Sites for Math – Using the web to explore and practice math concepts, create hands-on materials and manipulatives, and find lessons tied to NCTM standards. More: Posts about Math – My Delicious Math Links

Best Web Sites for Literacy Learning! – Using the web with kids to enhance literacy in all its forms: reading, writing, working with words, organizing, sharing and responding to what we read and write.

trldComing Soon! My Feature Presentations for TRLD 2008 (January 24-26, in San Francisco) will include:

  • It’s a Snap! Enhancing Instruction with iPhoto and Digital Images (3 hour pre-conference workshop)

Encourage literacy, learning and sharing with digital photography! Develop skills and confidence to create quality, personalized curricula with and for your students. In this lively, supportive Mac-based workshop, choose a curriculum goal, then snap, import and modify photos to create a project – pattern and shape books, journals, trading cards, how-to guides, reports, flyers, newsletters, social stories and more. Explore applications that integrate with iPhoto, including Comic Life, Skitch, PhotoBooth, iWork Pages, Keynote and web-based tools. Experimenting is encouraged, mistakes are opportunities, and collaboration is key. (Camera, batteries, cables, card reader, and your own creations, are welcome but not required.)

  • So You Want to Start a Blog? Do It Today! (2 hour session)
    We’ll discuss the benefits, opportunities and challenges of classroom blogs, and then create a blog during the session, to walk through the in’s and out’s of how to create a blog for yourself. (More details coming soon)

Previous Feature Presentations:Blogs, Tags and More – Understanding and using new internet technologies in the classroom. Join us as we ‘go live’ to create a real blog, wiki, podcast and social bookmarking site during the session.

Click! Create! Communicate! – In this hands-on workshop, you’ll develop digital publishing activities to address specific curricular goals for your students. We’ll go hands-on with digital cameras, accessories, iPhoto and Comic Life software. (This is a Mac-based workshop).

Publish! Publish! Publish! – authentic opportunities for kids to create, write and share their stuff, while making a positive contribution to their school community. NEW: Visit links to our new student authored publications at Edison Elementary School Web SitesVisit our featured site: Edison Elementary, Eugene, OR

My Other Hat – Resources for anyone dealing with children who have challenging behaviors. Based on a panel presentation for the World Forum on Early Care and Education, May 2005, Montreal, CANADA.



  1. Evelyn Brown

    I attended the TRLD conf and I believe I attended a similar workshop at TRLD in 2007. You may have been the presenter then but I can not find the materials froom that time. The materials we worked with sound similar to what we used at that time. I’m looking for informaiton on the materials (computer, software, cameras) that were used for this session. I’m interested in using the picture format to jump start some of our non veral students whop are enrolled in writing classes at the pre college level. Specifically what materials were used (needed) to implement such a program.

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