Q-Charm – AAC on your wrist!

Check out the Q-Charm customizable bracelet for a down-to-earth, convenient low-tech communication and cuing system. Q-Charms are silicone wrist bands with interchangeable half-inch square charms. The charms have different icons to help an individual communicate, anticipate daily events, etc. UPDATE: Sadly, the Q-Charm is no longer made – do you …

ArtThink from SFMOMA

ArtThink is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s curriculum site, which provides theme-based activities in visual arts, language arts, history and social studies. ArtThink includes a glossary, online lessons, special features, tools and games. http://sfmoma.org/artthink/default.asp

Links to Helpful Math Web Sites

You can find more excellent math activities, printables and other resources by accessing my del.icio.us math links: Interactive Math Sites Math-related Printables More Math Resources

Digital Pen and Paper near $200

Apparently, with a Livescribe smartpen and paper, you can: Listen to your class lecture by just tapping on your handwritten notes. View & listen to your notes on your PC and search by keyword. Email your written & audio notes to your classmates or study group. Translate a word or …

A “Math Toolbox” in Every Home (& Classroom)

The whimsical Math Cats web site offers tips and instructions for making and using your own “Math Toolbox” of free or low-cost math manipulatives, including * Base Ten blocks * Cuisenaire rods * pattern blocks * tangrams * multiplication grid * egg carton math and more…

Templates for Handmade Manipulatives

Make your own pattern blocks and base-ten blocks using these printable pages www.frontiernet.net/~mmankus/Handson/manipulatives.htm#bd10

How to Tie the 10 Most Useful Knots

clipped from www.motherearthnews.com Mother Earth News editors 1: Overhand Knot 2: Figure-eight Know 3: Reef (Square) Knot 4: Sheet (Becket) Bend 5: Carrick Bend 6: Bowline 7: Clove Hitch 8: Timber Hitch 9: Taut-line Hitch 10: Sheepshank  

The Color Bug: Radio-Controlled Art

The RC Color Bug is one cool idea (and one we used to rig up ourselves with remote controlled cars, markers and rubber bands). This lady-bug shaped toy holds markers point down so kids can draw by steering the bug with a button-operated remote. With a little work, we could …

Waste Free Lunches

Start a waste-free lunch program at your school, or simply learn how to make and pack lunches kids (and adults) will eat with little waste and reusable containers.

Instructables: How to make almost ANYthing

Instructables is a collaborative web site where you can “share what you make and how others can make it.” Another example of online web 2.0 collaboration.