David Warlick on Web 2.0

Harnessing the New Shape of Information I am sitting in a presentation by David Warlick for TRLD 2007 in San Francisco. I’ve heard him talk about millennial children, and now I’m here to learn more about Web 2.0…  I’ve been blogging for a few months now, but I’m still trying …

The BEST Podcast

Best or not, it’s the BEST – Building Educational Success Through Technology podcast, recorded at Closing the Gap, 2006.

The Landmark Project

From David Warlick, “This Web site is dedicated to the idea that the very nature of information is changing, practically before our eyes. It is changing in what it looks like, where we find it, what we look at to view it, what we can do with it, and how …

Class Blogmeister

Class Blogmeister, from the Landmark Project, is designed especially for schools, students and teachers. “ There are many freely available tools that facilitate blogging, but none seem especially suited for the classroom. That is the reason for BlogMeister. This online blogging tool is explicitly designed with teachers and students in …

David Warlick’s CoLearners Wiki

David Warlick shares his workshop handouts and notes in this ‘experimental’ wiki which delves into 21st century classrooms, the “millennial child,” podcasting, web 2.0 tools, blogging, video games for education, wikis, and more. davidwarlick.com/wiki/ powered by performancing firefox