The Publish, Publish, Publish! section of Haugen’s Tech Tips includes how to’s, samples and web resources.

The opportunity to publish inspires students to collaborate on, refine and share their best creative work.  We’ll explore and compare a variety of elementary publishing projects – a school newspaper, and a school anthology, and a variety of class-made books. Learn how to accommodate and leverage the myriad of abilities and learning styles. See how these projects were organized, funded and carried out through
creative staffing, grants, scheduling and volunteer support. We’ll share templates, how-to instructions, and sample school newspapers, books and anthologies, along with student responses to the projects. Learn how struggling students were included and empowered through these projects.

Each edition of our school newspaper has been published during a special project class, with fifteen to twenty diverse students selected by their teachers to participate, or, more recently, as an afterschool club. Often participation in the newspaper class has been an incentive for students to keep up with other classwork or homework.

Our school anthologies are self-published books produced annually that include a written piece by every student in the school. The anthology projects at Twin Oaks and Edison Schools have been school-wide  collaborative efforts bringing together students, teachers, parents and community members. The projects  involve old-fashioned creativity and hard work, combined with useful technology for planning, editing,  printing and organizing the written pieces.

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