Digital photography can be both a fun hobby and a great learning and communication tool. But how does a kid who can’t click a tiny shutter button use a camera? With a switch! But, you need a switch adapted means to take the photos. A web cam will work… very cool, and easy to do. Most web cams have fairly low resolution for photos, though, so it depends on what you want to do with the pictures.

Regarding ORCCA cameras (, at 3 megapixels, the adapted Kodak Easyshare camera isn’t bad for $150, but I would not even bother with the $50 Vivatar – very low resolution and no LCD viewer! Most folks who need a switch won’t make use of a view finder you have to hold up to your eye.

Ablenet’s camera has features comparable to ORCCA’s, at $130.

But if you need specific features, such as a larger LCD screen, better zoom, etc., I’d also think about getting a digital camera that comes with a standard remote, and adapting that. As an add-on or replacement part, most remotes cost in the $15-$50 range, which makes for a more affordable switch-adapting experiment… and MANY more options for the kind of camera & features you want. (Some remotes come with zoom options as well as simply snapping the photo).

By the way, there are some really creative “mini” tripods out there that bend, grip, etc., for an inexpensive mounting options – camera stores and outdoor or travel suppliers usually have them. Gorillapod is one.

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