The annual TRLD Conference, held in San Francisco, is one of my all-time favorite conferences. It’s a great place to learn, connect with others, and be inspired by the wonderful ideas of top-notch colleagues. This is not a sit-back-and-watch conference, but one where you’ll take an active roll and come home with new friends and projects.

About TRLD
In 1982, founder Diane Frost invited an elite group of experts in the fields of technology and literacy to come together and share their innovations and insights. The result was the beginning of a one-of-a-kind conference: TRLD: Technology, Reading & Learning Difficulties.

Over the 25 years that TRLD has grown and evolved, leading researchers and educators have met annually to learn from one another in a think tank setting — intimate,collegial, thought provoking, and practical.

Today, TRLD: Technology, Reading, and Learning Diversity, is proudly sponsored by Don Johnston, the leader in intervention resources. We are dedicated to a never-ending search for cutting-edge technology applicable to literacy learning. Our agreement with CAST to provide Universal Design for Learning is only one of the countless ways we demonstrate our commitment to provide educators with the best practices and professional development available.

As research in the fields of technology and literacy expands, so does Don Johnston’s mission — to develop and provide the best products and practices to ALL learners, products and practices that many once believed were designed for only a few.

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