The New York Times has published the third in a recent series of articles on children diagnosed with severe mental health challenges. The first, Living with Love, Chaos and Haley, by Pam Belluck (Oct. 22, 2006), profiles the complications for a family. The second, What’s Wrong with a Child? Psychiatrists Often Disagree, by Benedict Carey (Nov. 11, 2006), addresses the challenges of identifying or labeling children with mental health problems, and the third in the series, Proof is Scant on Psychiatric Drug Mix for Young, by Gardiner Harris (Nov. 23, 2006), tracks the increasing use of multiple drugs for kids, and the lack of scientific evidence for doing so.

The series also contains links to video, comments from readers, and other multimedia resources. I highly recommend that anyone working or living with a child with mental health challenges read these articles, for their insightful, compassionate and tough coverage of a devastating problem.

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