Make Your Mark Peter H. Reynolds Award-winning author and illustrator of The North Star, The Dot, and IshI keep coming across one of my favorite children’s authors & illustrators Peter Reynolds again and again. I first found him at the TRLD conference in San Francisco, in 2000. He was there to promote his software, but I convinced him (it wasn’t hard) to sign a copy of The North Star for my newborn nephew Joe. Not only did he sign it to Joe, he added a little illustration. His software was good, too!
If you don’t know Fable Vision, or Peter’s books (especially The North Star and Ish), or The Blue Bunny Book Store, you’ve got to check them out! Peter combines a whimsical warmth, a storyteller’s vision, and a solid constructivist approach to learning that makes me want to pull the roof off every school so we can all find our own stars.

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