Karen Janowski does it again… an extensive blog post on free technology tools for universal design in the classroom. Karen is one of the most down-to-earth and get-it-done people I know and she has a great way of communicating. Bookmark her post and keep coming back for updates.
Now, what I’d really like to see is a wiki on the same topic, so we could all add in our two bits. Maybe a QIAT wiki…

2 thoughts on “Free Technology Toolkit for UDL in All Classrooms – Spread the Word!

  1. Thanks so much for stopping and spreading the news about all the free tech tools that are available for our students!
    You may be interested in a new Assistive Technology Network that was created using NIng. Check it out here http://assistivetech.ning.com/

    We are starting at the ground floor and hope that this network will allow networking and collaboration using 21st century tools (social software). It builds upon the QIAT list serve.

    Feel free to introduce yourself, start a discussion or a new group and add to what Brian Wojcik and I started. I also belong to Classroom 2.0 on NIng and this is an active, collaborative community of educators. Seems like we assistive technology specialists/consultants should have our own network on Ning as well!
    Are you going to CTG?

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