This is what I’ve been looking for (and still am, since it’s PC only, and I’m a Mac, as they say…). The Oregon Digital Library Consortium Library2Go lets you check out audio library materials by digital download, from home (or anywhere), just as you would check out a book from the library – for FREE, with the same usage rights you’d have with any checked out material. Very cool.
We use audio books all the time at home and on long car rides or flights. They are a salvation for our older son who also gets car sick, and for his entire life has found being read to a most soothing thing.
I really hope they work out a way for this to work on Macs and iPods… but if you’re a PC, you’re in business. Library2Go seems to work with several libraries around the country, and if you have your library bar code and PIN, you’re in!

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