The Learning Toolbox, from James Madison University’s special education program, provides tools, strategies and resources to help students with learning difficulties become better learners.
When you arrive on the site, you can choose “I am a Student,” “I am a Teacher,” or “I am a Parent,” which takes you to an appropriate page for getting around the site. For example, the student page starts with an overview of how to use the site. Then students choose an area they need help in – organization, test taking, studying, note taking, etc. From there, students choose a statement that reflects their needs, e.g. “I have difficulty understanding the main idea when I read,” or “I read slowly.” At that point, the site suggests specific strategies to try.

The site does require some significant reading to understand the strategies, and therefore parent or teacher support may help. Also students (and often their parents and teachers as well) may need help specifying what their specific challenges are. This is a good resource to add.

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