Need to know what some of the obscure terms related to blogging really mean?  The Blogossary offers clear, straightforward definitions.

EdTech Solutions – Teaching Every Student

When I look at what I'd like to be able to offer in a blog, I get loads of inspiration from Karen Janowski's EdTech Solutions site.  I've read and respected Karen's posts on the QIAT list for years, and then finally had the pleasure to meet her face-to-face at TRLD this year.  She offers insightful, down to earth tips, insights and resources.

Great Blogging Tool

I've written about Performancing before.  Now it's back as ScribeFire, and basically works the same way, with more features.  ScribeFires sits as an unobtrusive icon in the lower right corner of your Firefox browser window.  When you want to blog, click the icon, and it splits your screen, giving you access to your blog account(s), categories, and a WYSIWYG editor.  Quick, no need to view your blog, and...

The Blind Photographer

Sounds like an oxymoron, but these photographers have done something fascinating and worth looking at.

I now have a Technorati profile

I just signed up for a Technorati Profile which makes it easier to connect with other blogs with similar topics. This will hopefully widen my world and that of others who drop in for a visit. To all of you who were with me at TRLD, let's keep in touch and grow this community.

Skitch is HERE – in beta

I blogged about Skitch before, but now I finally get to play with it in beta. So far, so fun! Skitch is from - makers of Comic Life, and really cool people once you get to play or talk with them via their online forums. And they have AWESOME educational pricing on Comic Life. Go Skitch! Update: I've posted some Skitch creations by my students and myself...

Tips and tools for people who are visual learners, especially those on the autism spectrum or with other behavior or communication challenges, by Linda Hodgdon.powered by performancing firefox

Skitch – screenshot & drawing software from Plasq

Want a quick way to add simple text or drawing and then quickly post to email, blogs, etc.?   Skitch is  from Plasq, the makers of ComicLife software.  Not yet released, Skitch is going to let you drag its window over whatever's on your screen, draw or add text on top of it if you want, then quickly move it, email it, blog it, etc.  I can't wait to...

A tablet MacBook? ModBook by Axiotron

The Axiotron ModBook™ The ModBook is the first Mac tablet computer solution.  This could be a great tool for students who need onscreen keyboards or other alternative input in a portable laptop.  It's not even priced that much higher than a MacBook Pro.  Special 'pre-reserve pricing' is $2200-$2700 (specs at the link) through Feb 1, 2007. • Write and draw directly on screen • True pen & handwriting...

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