Technology is only as powerful, as good, as bad, as we make it. It’s vital we work with young people to learn to make effective use of technology rather than getting caught up in it. I’ve seen it make life changing differences for people with disabilities, connect people separated by oceans, and rally people to make a difference for others. Sadly, I’ve also seen people consuming it just as they are consumed by it, using it for the sake of status or stimulation. My working motto around technology is to pick the right tool for the task at hand – you wouldn’t fly a jumbo jet to the corner store, right?

I offer a variety of workshops on integrating effective technology in education, assistive technology for people with disabilities and single or multi-day workshops for children and families around blogging, digital photography and publishing, animation, writing, graphics and more.

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See my Pinterest page on adaptive equipment and assistive-tech, much of it free and low cost!

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