One Stop for Free Assistive Technology

Steve Jacobs has created One Stop for Free Assistive Technology, a clearing house of free assistive technology tools available for a variety of needs. It is organized alphabetically, but if you choose a few handy keywords, you can usually jump to the products that would be of interest to you. Steve is also open to submissions of additional resources not yet on the site.

Joy Zabala on Accommodations vs. Modifications

Joy Zabala, wise leader of QIAT and key developer of the SETT framework, recently described the distinction between modifications and accommodations this way:  An ACCOMMODATION does not change the essential outcome of the task (for example, an essay or some sort of written product).  It is essentially completing the same task in a different way...the accommodation is HOW the task is accomplished... an essay is an essay whether...

Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers (and others)

A wiki from Kirk Behnke: Learn (or contribute to) a brief overview and impact of how Web 2.0 tools - webcasts/podcasts, Blogs, Wikis, Social bookmarks, etc. – can be used in your classroom. These tools can expand your supplemental curriculum to meet the various learning and access needs of all your students. Covers Blogs, Wikis, Webcasts, Podcasts, Social Bookmarks and more.

The Access Center

Resources for enhancing access to the general education curriculum for students with disabilities. Language Art • Math • Science • Teaching & Learning • Universal Design

Read Along, Read Aloud and Don Johnston Inc. have launched a summer read-a-long with a Start-to-Finish rewrite of Tom Sawyer, including both pdf's of the book and MP3 audio files. In addition, they are offering a 20% discount on select Start-to-Finish books, and a sweepstakes for a collection of adventure titles from Start-to-Finish (ends June 30, 2007). Start-to-Finish books are a unique combination of carefully constructed "considerate" text, especially for struggling...

Student uses word prediction – Teacher Tube Video

Not only is Elina's video a good example of assistive technology tools in action, it's also a great opportunity to push Teacher Tube, a place for teachers to share instructional (and inspirational) videos. Download: Posted by davidn at

Amputee Sprinter – Disabled or Too-Abled?

From the NY Times comes the story of Oscar Pistorius, a double-amputee since early infancy. He runs on carbon fiber prosthetic legs and wants to compete in the Olympics, but now the question has been raised as to whether or not his prostheses give him an unfair advantage. An Amputee Sprinter: Is He Disabled or Too-Abled? By JERÉ LONGMAN Published: May 15, 2007 Some are questioning whether Oscar...

Wikijunior develops online kids’ books for free

WikiBooks, whose motto is "Think free. Learn free." has a special section called Wikijunior, a project aimed at producing full-color booklets for kids 8-11.  The books are being developed and offered online (and some in pdf format).  Some books may also go into print.  One of the current complete titles is The Solar System.  Other Wikijunior books will reportedly follow a similar format.  In that these books are...

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