VoiceThread Redux

I think I mentioned VoiceThread before - the marvelous web site that lets you present a slide show and record comments, captions & doodles. The other innovation of VoiceThread is you can invite others to comment as well, creating a visually guided dialog about... well, anything. One of my favorites: See also Kenya Escape, the incredibly powerful story of one family's experience in Kenya, during the election upsets...

Skitching again…

I've written about Skitch before, but now that I've been using it a while, I have to put it out there again as one of my must-have's. Why? It's fun, it's good looking, it's easy and above all, it's several practical tools built into one. Screen Capture - grab a window, the whole screen or anything you can frame or drag across. You can even do a 'timed...

Combining Cool Tools

Okay, so now I'm blending Google Doc's new online presentation software with Plasq's cool and easy screenshot/annotating/uploading tool called Skitch. I think this has potential. The image is everything, because you write your step-by-step instructions right on it. Both students and teachers could use Skitch to create, snap or import images, then write and draw on them to give instructions, create maps or diagrams, indicate key features of...

My Digital Photography Links

I keep a pretty active list of tags on del.icio.us, and this gives an updated list of all my photography links. Most are education related. My Photography Links

Teaching Digital Photography, from YouthLearn

YouthLearn's fabulous site offers several tutorials on exploring and using digital photography, graphics and other visual or multimedia arts with kids.  Beginning with this tutorial on teaching digital photography and moving onto other topics, you'll benefit from their wisdom, whether you're just getting started or have been using photography with students already.

Smithsonian Images

Smithsonian Images offers an online catalog of its amazing photo collection, organized by topic, for personal and educational use. Browse or search through selected images from the Collections of the Office of Imaging and Photographic Services. Included are images from current exhibits, Smithsonian events and historic collections. Select and download screen resolution images for personal and educational use. Create your own portfolio of favorite Smithsonian image and send...

The Blind Photographer

Sounds like an oxymoron, but these photographers have done something fascinating and worth looking at. www.theblindphotographer.com

Skitch is HERE – in beta

I blogged about Skitch before, but now I finally get to play with it in beta. So far, so fun! Skitch is from plasq.com - makers of Comic Life, and really cool people once you get to play or talk with them via their online forums. And they have AWESOME educational pricing on Comic Life. Go Skitch! Update: I've posted some Skitch creations by my students and myself...


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