Homework Tips for Parents

I recently wrote a short article for parents on coping with their childrens' homework struggles and demands - a topic near and dear to my heart as I sit across from my own 9 year old who's struggling with his last assignment of the evening. The article is posted on our school's web page, along with additional links and resources, and I'm reposting it here: Homework Tips for...

My Student Publishing Program

In 2006, I created an after school multimedia publishing program to fend off my growing sense that schools have become overly and obsessively focused on standards - getting all the kids to do the same things in the same ways at the same rate. Ugh! In my program, kids learn to take responsibility for their talents and strengths by exploring, stretching and sharing what they're passionate about or...

Edison Times 3rd Edition Now Online

The Edison Times, published by my afterschool group of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, now has pdf's of its third edition online. http://schools.4j.lane.edu/edison/students.htm

Animal Diversity Web

From the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, the Animal Diversity Web is an easy-to-search, in-depth resource where you can browse animals by kingdom, phylum, subphlylum and class, and learn about scientific naming of animals.  Extensive pictures also help, and students can click on pictures to reach more information about a particular species.powered by performancing firefox

Play ‘FakeOut!’ – Online Fictionary for Kids

Education Place offers kids in K-8 a chance to participate in Fake Out! by (1) guessing the correct definition for a word, and (2) submitting their own fake definitions for use in later games of Fake Out! The web site tracks how many people vote for each definition. www.eduplace.com/fakeout/index.html powered by performancing firefox

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