ArtThink from SFMOMA

ArtThink is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's curriculum site, which provides theme-based activities in visual arts, language arts, history and social studies. ArtThink includes a glossary, online lessons, special features, tools and games.

ISTE Unveils New National Educational-Technology Standards

By Chris O’Neal The International Society for Technology in Education has unveiled the report “National Educational Technology Standards for Students: The Next Generation,” which covers six key areas: creativity and innovation; communication and collaboration; research and information fluency; critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making; digital citizenship; and technology operations and concepts. Download a pdf of the new standards -- NETS for short -- from ISTE

Marco Polo is now – excellent educational resources, formerly Marco Polo, is home to an amazing consortium of web resources for education: ArtsEdge - for arts integration, from the Kennedy Center EconEdLink - economics EdSiteMent - humanities, from the National Endowment for Humanities Illuminations - math, from NCTM Read-Write-Think - literacy from NCTE Science NetLinks - science XPeditions - geography, from National Geographic Smithsonian Museum of American History These sites offer excellent reference information, as...

My Digital Photography Links

I keep a pretty active list of tags on, and this gives an updated list of all my photography links. Most are education related. My Photography Links

Instructional Technology Resources from Lynn Lary

Lynn Larry, Instructional Technology Specialist for Lane ESD (Education Service District) in Oregon, has assembled a wealth of instructional resources on the web at Start with her "Top 10" but don't stop there - she has loads of other good leads...

Wikijunior develops online kids’ books for free

WikiBooks, whose motto is "Think free. Learn free." has a special section called Wikijunior, a project aimed at producing full-color booklets for kids 8-11.  The books are being developed and offered online (and some in pdf format).  Some books may also go into print.  One of the current complete titles is The Solar System.  Other Wikijunior books will reportedly follow a similar format.  In that these books are...

How to Tie the 10 Most Useful Knots

clipped from Mother Earth News editors 1: Overhand Knot 2: Figure-eight Know 3: Reef (Square) Knot 4: Sheet (Becket) Bend 5: Carrick Bend 6: Bowline 7: Clove Hitch 8: Timber Hitch 9: Taut-line Hitch 10: Sheepshank  

Foundation for Children with Behavioral Challenges

Foundation for Children with Behavioral ChallengesFCBC (Foundation for Children with Behavioral Challenges) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and support for caregivers to promote awareness of more enlightened, compassionate, and effective approaches, such as Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS)SM for helping children who struggle with social, emotional and behavioral challenges. FCBC began in 1988 as a grass roots organization, P.T.E.K. (Parent and Teachers of Explosive Kids).

Afterschool and Technology

YouthLearn offers tips, model programs and a vision for using technology to advance content-rich learning through afterschool programs.

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