Some Keyboarding Sites…

This web site has tons of keyboarding links: This BBC site is pretty good, especially after you get through the slower first part: Most of the keyboarding programs teach home row - ASDF JKL:  The Herzog method teaches in ABC order -

Digital Storytelling Resources

Some digital storytelling resources... Center for Digital Storytelling (Berkeley, CA) KQED Digital Storytelling Initiative BubbleShare - lets you post photos w/ audio comments

Free Searchable Symbols for Curriculum and Communication

Slater Software ( very kindly offers a search window on their home page (and a Mac OS X 'widget') that lets you search their site for symbols that 'may be freely used for non-commercial projects.'  They (like a lot of other vendors) also have a page of free stuff for educators and families that use their symbols.

What’s a Widget?

'Widgets' are little mini-applications that sit in a 'Dashboard' in Mac "Tiger" (10.4) and above.  There's also a widget driver for Windows, and for earlier versions of the Mac OS .  Widgets range from look-up tools (dictionaries, address book, flights, yellow pages, google, etc.) to calendars, to games, and more.  The best way to learn what they are is to visit the widget download pages at Apple ,...

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