Podcasting Workshop – Resources

I'm leading a workshop on Podcasting in the Classroom, and have started to gather some tips and resources on my wiki.  Stop by to check out the presentation as well as my podcasting links.

Artcyclopedia – Fine Art Search Engine

Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine - Search or browse by artist, work or museum. 8,700 artists, 2,600 art sites, over 100,000 links! Also, Art News, masterpieces and more. This seems like a great resource for students of all ages.

Get Started with Podcasting

In preparing for a podcasting workshop this week, I've been collecting new podcasting tutorials.  Some helpful finds: How to Podcast: Four Basic Steps - Plan, produce, publish, promote... How to Podcast - from Podcasting Tools Howstuffworks "How to Create Your Own Podcast" Make Your First Podcast How to Create Your Own Podcast - A Step-by-Step Tutorial on Podcasting Most of these tutorials rely on Audacity and the LAME...

More on Publishing

With student publishing projects in mind, and my own projects as well, I was recently reminded of one very cool site, Lulu.com , which lets you self-publish your own books in a way that books are produced and shipped 'as needed.'  I have a dream of putting together many of the resources I've developed over the years into just such a book.  One of the appeals of on-demand...

Sites for Kids to Publish Online

In response to a query from a teacher on behalf of her first grader who wants to 'get into publishing,' here are some links to online sites that encourage or allow students to publish their work online: Tips for children publishing on the Internet. | NetAlert - From the Australian government, a helpful set of safety and design tips for any students who would like to publish their...

Learn a Foreign Language Online – for free!

  Mango Languages - HomeMango beta is an online language learning system freely available to everyone. Learn at your own pace with a suite of features that make language learning more engaging and fun. (tags: multilingual free cooltools tutorials language/foreignlang)

Diet and Hyperactivity

As shared in Exchange Every Day, from Child Care Information Exchange, a new study reports a link between consuming food dyes and sodium benzoate, and hyperactivity in children.A UK study reported in Work & Family Life (November 2007; www.workandfamilylife.com) demonstrates the impact of food additives on children's behavior. Researchers at the University of Southampton served 300 children in two age groups (3's and 8-9's) three different fruit drinks...

TRUCE Toy Guide Now Available

TRUCE (Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children's Entertainment) has released its 2008 Toy Action Guide, just in time for the holidays. In their own words, This guide is intended to help adults promote children’s creative and constructive play by making informed choices about toys, and by working with others at home, school, and in the community to promote positive play and toys. The guide includes indispensable  tips for  how to...

Excellent Blogging and Wiki Resources

Kathy Cassidy -- Blogmeister An excellent model of blogging with younger students. Notice how the kids type their own posts and the adult 'editor' adds a readable translation. She also comments on the children's writing, encouraging more. The class posts photos, videos and more. (tags: ages06-09 examples trldsites blogging) Classroom Blogs and Wikis How can classroom communication and collaboration be enhanced with the usage of internet blogs? Created...

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