Artcyclopedia – Fine Art Search Engine

Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine - Search or browse by artist, work or museum. 8,700 artists, 2,600 art sites, over 100,000 links! Also, Art News, masterpieces and more. This seems like a great resource for students of all ages.

Learn a Foreign Language Online – for free!

  Mango Languages - HomeMango beta is an online language learning system freely available to everyone. Learn at your own pace with a suite of features that make language learning more engaging and fun. (tags: multilingual free cooltools tutorials language/foreignlang)

Excellent Blogging and Wiki Resources

Kathy Cassidy -- Blogmeister An excellent model of blogging with younger students. Notice how the kids type their own posts and the adult 'editor' adds a readable translation. She also comments on the children's writing, encouraging more. The class posts photos, videos and more. (tags: ages06-09 examples trldsites blogging) Classroom Blogs and Wikis How can classroom communication and collaboration be enhanced with the usage of internet blogs? Created...

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