The Access Center

Resources for enhancing access to the general education curriculum for students with disabilities. Language Art • Math • Science • Teaching & Learning • Universal Design

Marco Polo is now – excellent educational resources, formerly Marco Polo, is home to an amazing consortium of web resources for education: ArtsEdge - for arts integration, from the Kennedy Center EconEdLink - economics EdSiteMent - humanities, from the National Endowment for Humanities Illuminations - math, from NCTM Read-Write-Think - literacy from NCTE Science NetLinks - science XPeditions - geography, from National Geographic Smithsonian Museum of American History These sites offer excellent reference information, as...

Links to Helpful Math Web Sites

You can find more excellent math activities, printables and other resources by accessing my math links: Interactive Math Sites Math-related Printables More Math Resources

A “Math Toolbox” in Every Home (& Classroom)

The whimsical Math Cats web site offers tips and instructions for making and using your own "Math Toolbox" of free or low-cost math manipulatives, including * Base Ten blocks * Cuisenaire rods * pattern blocks * tangrams * multiplication grid * egg carton math and more...

Some Math Web Sites

NCTM Illuminations ( has a host of online math activities, all tied to the standards, plus links to more math sites. This is rich... You can also search the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse ( for activities related to math & science. (now a paid subscription site,

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