Rethinking ADHD

In this provocative article, author Susie Garlick notes, “ADHD children are not horrible, undisciplined or unruly children, we have just created a world that no longer allows them to fit inside the box…All children need rules, routines and expectations to feel safe and secure, but we must stop setting them up for failure and begin helping them succeed.”

Promoting Self-Regulation in the First Five Years

Self-regulation is how we manage our feelings, energy level and thoughts in productive ways that help us stay connected with others and focused on goals in spite of challenges or disruptions.
Read this summary of findings on self-regulation from the Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It’s one of a series of five briefs on self regulation.

Diet and Hyperactivity

As shared in Exchange Every Day, from Child Care Information Exchange, a new study reports a link between consuming food dyes and sodium benzoate, and hyperactivity in children.A UK study reported in Work & Family Life (November 2007; demonstrates the impact of food additives on children's behavior. Researchers at the University of Southampton served 300 children in two age groups (3's and 8-9's) three different fruit drinks...

Homework Tips for Parents

I recently wrote a short article for parents on coping with their childrens' homework struggles and demands - a topic near and dear to my heart as I sit across from my own 9 year old who's struggling with his last assignment of the evening. The article is posted on our school's web page, along with additional links and resources, and I'm reposting it here: Homework Tips for...

SchwabLearning and Sparktop to Close

Two of my favorite sites for families struggling with learning disabilities are closing. On September 21, Charles and Helen Schwab announced they will no longer maintain operation of their web sites, and Instead they will focus on selective grant-making to other organizations. I am grateful for the wonderful work that the Schwabs have done and their contributions toward greater understanding of and success for students with...

Make Your Own Comix!

Just in from the MadATer... Make your own comic at What a great way for kids (or adults) to dip into creating comic strips - for fun, for social stories, and more. I especially like the tips that pop up on the bottom.

Meet Peter Reynolds… again!

I keep coming across one of my favorite children's authors & illustrators Peter Reynolds again and again. I first found him at the TRLD conference in San Francisco, in 2000. He was there to promote his software, but I convinced him (it wasn't hard) to sign a copy of The North Star for my newborn nephew Joe. Not only did he sign it to Joe, he added a...

Foundation for Children with Behavioral Challenges

Foundation for Children with Behavioral ChallengesFCBC (Foundation for Children with Behavioral Challenges) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and support for caregivers to promote awareness of more enlightened, compassionate, and effective approaches, such as Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS)SM for helping children who struggle with social, emotional and behavioral challenges. FCBC began in 1988 as a grass roots organization, P.T.E.K. (Parent and Teachers of Explosive Kids).

“Children Do Well If They Can”

"Children Do Well If They Can" is the motto of the Center for Collaborative Problem Solving, which operates to help parents and professionals work effectively with children who have social, emotional and behavioral challenges.  Their approach was originally outlined in the book, The Explosive Child, by Dr. Ross Greene, who with colleague Dr. Stuart Ablon, runs the Center.The Explosive Child is a must-read for anyone working with children...

Edutopia on Emotional Intelligence

Edutopia, the online educators magazine from the George Lucas Educational Foundation, has compiled a collection of resources on emotional and social intelligence.

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