Misunderstood Minds by PBS

Misunderstood Minds is a 'companion site to the PBS special on learning differences and disabilities.'  Special areas on the site focus on attention, reading, writing and math.  Stories, information and resources for parents (and teachers).

Amanda Bragg, Living with Autism in a World Made for Others

Amanda Bragg is a young woman with autism who's found an amazing way to express for us how she thinks. She's posted a video on YouTube and has been featured on CNN. Definitely worth reading the story and viewing her video and the CNN report about her. "My language is not about designing words or even visual symbols for people to interpret," she says in the video. "It...

U.S. health officials say autism rate about 1 in 150

The article below makes one pause... MIKE STOBBE Associated Press ATLANTA - The largest U.S. study of autism has found that the troubling condition is more common than previously understood. About one in 150 American children has autism, U.S. health officials said Thursday, calling the troubling disorder an urgent public health concern that is more common than they once thought. The new numbers are based on the largest,...


Tips and tools for people who are visual learners, especially those on the autism spectrum or with other behavior or communication challenges, by Linda Hodgdon.powered by performancing firefox

Art 2 Heart – global connections through art

Art 2 Heart is an 'art sharing program' that crosses borders, ages, genders, religions and socio-economic lines. Its sole purpose is to connect underprivileged children with someone else in the world who cares. Through Art 2 Heart, you can give these children something of their own, made just for them, and they have a chance to give back.  (Did I mention that Art2Heart was started by my very...

Troubled Children – NYTimes Series on Mental Health

The New York Times has published the third in a recent series of articles on children diagnosed with severe mental health challenges. The first, Living with Love, Chaos and Haley, by Pam Belluck (Oct. 22, 2006), profiles the complications for a family. The second, What's Wrong with a Child? Psychiatrists Often Disagree, by Benedict Carey (Nov. 11, 2006), addresses the challenges of identifying or labeling children with mental...

SchwabLearning – a Great Resource

SchwabLearning.org provides a huge number of free articles about helping kids with learning difficulties, including several articles on using technology tools and strategies (some written by Lisa Wahl, my friend & former boss in California!). It's called a parent's guide, but many of the articles have helpful insights for teachers, too. SchwabLearning.org - A Parent's Guide to Helping Kids With Learning Difficulties powered by performancing firefox

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