Biology of Plants

Biology of Plants provides students with a clear, accurate introduction to plants as living things, plant growth, plant parts, making food, pollination, seed dispersal and adaptations.

Marco Polo is now – excellent educational resources, formerly Marco Polo, is home to an amazing consortium of web resources for education: ArtsEdge - for arts integration, from the Kennedy Center EconEdLink - economics EdSiteMent - humanities, from the National Endowment for Humanities Illuminations - math, from NCTM Read-Write-Think - literacy from NCTE Science NetLinks - science XPeditions - geography, from National Geographic Smithsonian Museum of American History These sites offer excellent reference information, as...

Smithsonian Images

Smithsonian Images offers an online catalog of its amazing photo collection, organized by topic, for personal and educational use. Browse or search through selected images from the Collections of the Office of Imaging and Photographic Services. Included are images from current exhibits, Smithsonian events and historic collections. Select and download screen resolution images for personal and educational use. Create your own portfolio of favorite Smithsonian image and send...

FossWeb Science for K-2 Students

Interactive science activities from FossWeb.  Topics include insects, animals 2 by 2, wood and paper, fabric, trees, balance and motion, pebbles and sand, new plants, air and weather, and solids and liquids.  Choices are presented in a graphical menu.powered by performancing firefox

Animal Diversity Web

From the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, the Animal Diversity Web is an easy-to-search, in-depth resource where you can browse animals by kingdom, phylum, subphlylum and class, and learn about scientific naming of animals.  Extensive pictures also help, and students can click on pictures to reach more information about a particular species.powered by performancing firefox

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