EPN – The Education Podcast Network

In their own words, the Education Podcast Network is "an effort to bring together into one place, the wide range of podcast programming that may be helpful to teachers looking for content to teach with and about, and to explore issues of teaching and learning in the 21st century."

Class Blogmeister

Class Blogmeister, from the Landmark Project, is designed especially for schools, students and teachers. " There are many freely available tools that facilitate blogging, but none seem especially suited for the classroom. That is the reason for BlogMeister. This online blogging tool is explicitly designed with teachers and students in mind, where the teacher can evaluate, comment on, and finally publish students' blog articles in a controlled environment."

Art 2 Heart – global connections through art

Art 2 Heart is an 'art sharing program' that crosses borders, ages, genders, religions and socio-economic lines. Its sole purpose is to connect underprivileged children with someone else in the world who cares. Through Art 2 Heart, you can give these children something of their own, made just for them, and they have a chance to give back.  (Did I mention that Art2Heart was started by my very...

Skitch – screenshot & drawing software from Plasq

Want a quick way to add simple text or drawing and then quickly post to email, blogs, etc.?   Skitch is  from Plasq, the makers of ComicLife software.  Not yet released, Skitch is going to let you drag its window over whatever's on your screen, draw or add text on top of it if you want, then quickly move it, email it, blog it, etc.  I can't wait to...

Apple Announces the iPhone

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone today, a combo mobile phone - video iPod - e-mail & web browser with a 3.5" touch screen, plus built-in 2 megapixel camera, microphone, speaker, Bluetooth and more. Given that the iPhone will also use Mac OSX, plus widgets, plus built-in maps, plus phone, plus curb cuts like predict and correct as you type, when I think of it as a potential tool...

Clip Art for Language Learning

UVic's Language Teaching Clipart Library This library consists of about 3000 images which we hope will be useful in the teaching of basic vocabulary in a variety of languages. The characters and objects depicted are as culturally neutral as we could make them. This is not a huge resource of graphics; its purpose is to provide a set of those graphics most basic and useful for low-level language-teaching,...


Read-Write-Think offers several free online tools to promote student writing - an acrostic poem, an alphabet organizer, animal inquiry, bio cube, book cover creator, book cover guide, ... all the way down to Word Movers and a Word Wizard.powered by performancing firefox

Publish, Publish, Publish!

The Publish, Publish, Publish! section of Haugen's Tech Tips includes how to's, samples and web resources. The opportunity to publish inspires students to collaborate on, refine and share their best creative work.  We'll explore and compare a variety of elementary publishing projects - a school newspaper, and a school anthology, and a variety of class-made books. Learn how to accommodate and leverage the myriad of abilities and learning...

My Web Site and This Blog

As I explore the blog world more, it's been a while since I last updated my Haugen's Tech Tips Page, but there's still quite a bit of useful information there on digital photography, student publishing and designing school web sites. powered by performancing firefox

Grab a free blog, just for teachers

If you’d like to start your own blog, consider using www.edublogs.org. This free service gives you a variety of templates and options to choose from, and hosts your blog. Post and edit your blog entries right in your browser, from any computer, anywhere. It’s quick, easy and free. You can also start a classroom blog using www.learnerblogs.org.  Great for student publishing!Create your own ad free fully featured WordPress...

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