ATMac – Assistive Technology for Mac OS X Users

ATMac is a blog that offers news, reviews and opinions on assistive technology for Mac OS X, by Ricky Buchanan who is himself an avid Mac and AT user.  Organized by type of user, for example "text-to-speech users," or "deaf users," or "primary switch users," and by audience ("content producers," "developers," "edcuators," "users"), you can quickly find relevant entries.Bottom line - direct, honest info and reviews about state-of-the-art...

Excellent Blogging and Wiki Resources

Kathy Cassidy -- Blogmeister An excellent model of blogging with younger students. Notice how the kids type their own posts and the adult 'editor' adds a readable translation. She also comments on the children's writing, encouraging more. The class posts photos, videos and more. (tags: ages06-09 examples trldsites blogging) Classroom Blogs and Wikis How can classroom communication and collaboration be enhanced with the usage of internet blogs? Created...

10 ways to use your edublog to teach

From Edublogs themselves (the folks who host this blog and will host your education-oriented blog for free, too!), here are ten ways to-use your edublog to teach. From discussions to newsletters, sharing lessons, materials and assignments to posting events and dates, here are concrete ways a blog can enhance your teaching and your students' learning experience.

Converting a Newsletter into a Blog

Excellent series of articles by Lorelle VanFossen that teach a lot about blog design as well as the practicalities of converting a newsletter to a blog. This is a must-read for anyone designing a blog! Posted at

Meet Peter Reynolds… again!

I keep coming across one of my favorite children's authors & illustrators Peter Reynolds again and again. I first found him at the TRLD conference in San Francisco, in 2000. He was there to promote his software, but I convinced him (it wasn't hard) to sign a copy of The North Star for my newborn nephew Joe. Not only did he sign it to Joe, he added a...

TRLD 2008 – Call for Speakers Extended to 6/15

Technology, Reading and Learning Diversity is an excellent, focused conference hosted in San Francisco, CA, Jan. 24-26, 2008. If you would like to attend and be a presenter, the call for speakers has been extended to June 15, 2006. I've presented at TRLD since 1995. Contact me if you'd like to learn more about the conference.

My Digital Photography Links

I keep a pretty active list of tags on, and this gives an updated list of all my photography links. Most are education related. My Photography Links

EdTech Solutions – Teaching Every Student

When I look at what I'd like to be able to offer in a blog, I get loads of inspiration from Karen Janowski's EdTech Solutions site.  I've read and respected Karen's posts on the QIAT list for years, and then finally had the pleasure to meet her face-to-face at TRLD this year.  She offers insightful, down to earth tips, insights and resources.

I now have a Technorati profile

I just signed up for a Technorati Profile which makes it easier to connect with other blogs with similar topics. This will hopefully widen my world and that of others who drop in for a visit. To all of you who were with me at TRLD, let's keep in touch and grow this community.

Skitch is HERE – in beta

I blogged about Skitch before, but now I finally get to play with it in beta. So far, so fun! Skitch is from - makers of Comic Life, and really cool people once you get to play or talk with them via their online forums. And they have AWESOME educational pricing on Comic Life. Go Skitch! Update: I've posted some Skitch creations by my students and myself...

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