ConnSense Podcasts

Chauncey Rucker's ConnSense Bulletin has long been a favorite of mine for news, reviews and updates related to assistive technology. It's quality stuff, and he taps into key issues. In addition to online articles and an e-mail bulletin, ConnSense also has begun providing podcasts. Maybe I'm a luddite, but I've never quite figured out how or when to listen to podcasts. Still, I began browsing the ConnSense podcasts...

5000+ Resources to Do Just About Anything Online

From the venerable Web 2.0 experts at Mashable comes the list of all lists... 5000+ Resources to Do Just About Anything Online. And they mean it!  Topics include: Blogging and Podcasting, Communications Tools, Photo and Video Tools, Tools for Work, Tools for Life, Web Browsing Tools, Web Development Tools, Web Search and Bookmarking, and Miscellaneous Tools.  They've done the hard work for you (and me) of checking out...

Converting a Newsletter into a Blog

Excellent series of articles by Lorelle VanFossen that teach a lot about blog design as well as the practicalities of converting a newsletter to a blog. This is a must-read for anyone designing a blog! Posted at

dotSUB – Multi-lingual Subtitles the Creative Commons Way

Now this is amazing to me: dotSUB uses a Creative Commons license and a wiki format to provide video captioning in multiple languages. Anyone can view the videos in any of the available languages. To upload, caption or translate a video, you need a registered account. The opportunities here are endless, for people learning languages, sharing cross culturally, those struggling with literacy or those who can't hear. Explore...

Announcing The Web Catcher – my new blog!

I've started a new blog especially designed to record the best educational web sites I find for kids, called The Web Catcher. Check it out! Then don't hesitate to leave a comment about YOUR favorite web sites!

‘Ning,’ Classroom 2.0 and AssistiveTech – a new world of connectedness

I have been a list serve fan for several years now, thanks to Joy Zabala and her good work at QIAT.  I feel like I've got a whole world of experts at the click of an email send button.  But often all that good insight and discussion gets lost in the archives, and I've longed for a 'better way.'  I keep thinking a wiki or two might do...

Free Technology Toolkit for UDL in All Classrooms – Spread the Word!

Karen Janowski does it again... an extensive blog post on free technology tools for universal design in the classroom. Karen is one of the most down-to-earth and get-it-done people I know and she has a great way of communicating. Bookmark her post and keep coming back for updates. Now, what I'd really like to see is a wiki on the same topic, so we could all add in...

Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers (and others)

A wiki from Kirk Behnke: Learn (or contribute to) a brief overview and impact of how Web 2.0 tools - webcasts/podcasts, Blogs, Wikis, Social bookmarks, etc. – can be used in your classroom. These tools can expand your supplemental curriculum to meet the various learning and access needs of all your students. Covers Blogs, Wikis, Webcasts, Podcasts, Social Bookmarks and more.

New “Learning is Fun” Blog!

I have a new blog for kids called Learning is Fun! The goal of this blog is to connect kids to cool activities, both on and off the computer. Check it out.

Digital Pen and Paper near $200

Apparently, with a Livescribe smartpen and paper, you can: Listen to your class lecture by just tapping on your handwritten notes. View & listen to your notes on your PC and search by keyword. Email your written & audio notes to your classmates or study group. Translate a word or phrase by simply writing it on paper. Download one or more languages to your pen computer. Practice your...

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